Insurance verification is a critical part of your daily workflow, and can take up valuable time. Give yourself and your staff that time back. We automate your verification process and ensure your patients are covered when you see them.

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Automated Verification Integrated Eligibility


Our latest software solution, AViE, was developed to lessen the burden of insurance eligibility & verification.

Our hope is to give your office more time to spend on what is more important, and help your office be the reason people are smiling today. So, what does AViE do?

Feature 1

Automated Verification

Our verification process is fully automated from start to finish, providing consistant results. We verify prior-to and day-of, to make sure you have enough time to contact your patients before they come into the office. Eliminating the suprise of not being covered when problems arise.

Feature 2

Identify Exceptions

We send exceptions to your office daily. This takes the guesswork out of who has issues. You know all insurance issues and changes since the most revent verification, and have time to contact your patient before they arive at your office.

Feature 3

We Go Beyond

On top of verification, re-verification, and exception reports, we want you to know when your patients were treated last for a myriad of treatments, and when they are eligible to have them again. Making it easier for you to schedule for their next treatment. We also identify issues outside a patients ineligibility, prophy frequency limitations, main dental home, D0145 max visits, Xray limits and more

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